About Us

Our people make Game On Tables who we are. Below is a brief write up of each of our team members.


Many know him as Don G, but we affectionately call him "the Don Man"! He's our guy when it comes to quoting custom game tables and furniture. The only thing he loves more than a handcrafted cigar is producing quality pieces of furniture for our gaming clients . His knowledge and expertise in the custom furniture world gives Game On a leg up on the competition. When it comes to producing gaming furniture at attractive prices, he's the man! We are proud to have him on our team!


Jack is who you'll be communicating with when exploring your furniture options and placing your order . Start with one of our models or bring Jack your own design, it doesn't matter to him. He attacks each gaming project with enthusiasm and skill. His passion for your order is evident from the first creative conversation until delivery is made! Our clients find it refreshing to communicate directly with an owner who cares about the clients desires , the quality of the production process, and years of gaming enjoyment. Jack is ready to attack your project . Game On!


Acer has been directly involved with the gaming industry for quite some time . In fact, many of you have probably talked with him at some of the conventions! His knowledge and expertise in the world of board games is second to none, but he keeps a low profile when it comes to Game On. As Director of Marketing And Research, he's constantly seeking constructive , unfiltered gaming dialogue. He takes this info and translates it into new Game On furniture concepts . We certainly value his impact in this marketplace and his privacy. Catch him at a convention...if you can!


Imagine the "elves" on a famous cookie commercial. Now imagine wood working, finishing and shipping tools in their hands. Multiply that thought by years of experience (some of these guys actually got started by watching their fathers work while they were still in their baby strollers!) Now torque up your imagination one more notch by considering this thought - each of our Game On craftsmen have only worked in the world of fine furniture production! Needless to say our guys are totally invested in producing a quality experience for Game On clients.

Work On! Play On! Live On! Game On!


Got my beautiful Arcadia @gameontables set up at the new place! Ready to play!


Care and Warranty

Wood is a product of nature and therefore acts in ways beyond human control. All hardwood has variation in its color and grain. These wood characteristics will put their own unique touch to each piece of solid wood furniture. Even though we go through the same building process, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Click below to read more......